Kawaii Box Giveaway Insanity!!

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for giveaways…especially KAWAII giveaways!!  It’s a sickness I tell you.  But what a way to go.  *sighs*

Alice Fairy Dream is so very kind enough to offer up a Kawaii Box giveaway.  YOU could win a free Kawaii Box and see what all the fuss is about.  And let me tell you, all of the fuss is not enough fuss….there’s no words to properly describe how awesome Kawaii Box is.  And, if you’re semi-aware of the awesomeness of this box, be sure and check out Blippo where you can buy products from the boxes.  So say you’re absolutely in love with your pink poo pencil sharpener, you can head on over to Blippo and buy another one — even in a different color!!  Oh, the humanity.

Anyway, without further ado, I present to you….the Kawaii Box Giveaway.  Be sure and check it out, follow her great (and cute) blog, and try to win an awesome box!

Another Kawaii Box Giveaway!!

I am always stoked to find out about these Kawaii Box giveaways.  Nothing says “Awwwww” like a box full of kawaii goodness.  This time, the giveaway is from Girl Meets Box.  You should check out their blog and read reviews on assorted boxes and hear their opinions on the different subscription services out there.  I ALWAYS recommend looking up opinions, reviews, and unboxing videos before subscribing to anything!  Alright, now to the fun stuff.  The giveaway is located here.  Be sure and enter, have fun, and GOOD LUCK!!!  🙂

Another Kawaii Box Giveaway??

You betcha!  This time it’s Amber Demure who is giving away a free Kawaii Box.  You’ve read about it before, but Kawaii Box is THE COOLEST and CUTEST subscription box out there!  Each month you receive 10-12 kawaii items in a cute little box and the cost is $18.90 per month with FREE SHIPPING!  You can’t beat that.  So, go and check out Amber’s blog and be sure and enter the giveaway here.

Kawaii Box Giveaway

I personally think that Kawaii Box is one of the neatest subscription services out there.  If you’re not into kawaii or cutesy type things, though, it will seem pretty ridiculous.  If you’re like ME, though, you will fall in love with each and every little thing you receive in every box.

Awesomely enough, Beauty is Sincerity is holding a giveaway so that YOU can try and win a free Kawaii Box.  It IS international (and Google is more than happy to translate the page if you can’t read it) and ends in 5 days.  So go check it out!  What do you have to lose?  You can find the actual giveaway here.

❤ Stay Kawaii! ❤

Japan Candy Box Giveaway

If you receive or follow Kawaii Box and/or Blippo, then chances are you’ve heard about the newest and greatest thing ever — Japan Candy Box.  Kawaii Box and Blippo teamed up and decided that people should be able to receive a monthly subscription of yummy Japanese treats (and I agree).  There’s an awesome giveaway going on right now where you can win a free box of your own.  It’s over at Super Cute Kawaii’s blog.  The link for the actual giveaway is here.  You have FIVE days left to enter from today (8/5/15) so get your butt over there and check it out!!

Don’t forget to check out Kawaii Box and Blippo as well (links above).  Kawaii Box is my FAVORITE subscription box I receive and Blippo has AWESOME kawaii and Japanese snack items.

❤ Stay Kawaii!! ❤

Kawaii/Blippo Giveaway

If you’re into Kawaii as much as I am (or slooowwwly getting up there), this giveaway is a must for you.  If you go here, Vicky Flores is sponsoring a great giveaway and it’s easy to do via Rafllecopter.  Be sure and check out the giveaway, the Blippo site, and Vicky’s blog outside of the giveaway. 🙂  Good luck and I hope you win (if I don’t first!  lol).  (✿◠‿◠)

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