About Kawaii McHaven

Kawaii McHaven is a [very] small business.  There is no storefront – it is only located online.  It offers super cute kawaii goods at extremely reasonable prices.  There are a couple of non-kawaii goods offered as well, but it predominantly a kawaii store.

The owner of the store, Lizzie, only became aware of kawaii products about two years ago and immediately became enraptured by them.  Perhaps enraptured is not strong enough of a word – obsessed is probably better. 🙂  Her collection began with memo sheets and quickly took off to include squishies, plushies, figurines and bizarre items that only other obsessed collectors would understand.

Kawaii McHaven is not simply about making a profit, it is also about making a difference.  15% of all profits go towards charity.  Every month Lizzie chooses a new charity to donate to and they range from animal rights to cancer research organizations, children organization, basic medication and supply (and alternate medical) purchasing organizations and more.  Lizzie has faced a lot of health issues in her life and has had a lot of help from others …giving back is now a passion of hers.

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